Quickstart Guide

Ready to get started? After registering and downloading the game, it's time to create a new character! Don't worry about which channel you create a character on, characters are account and server specific (Season vs Clockworks), but you can log into any channel.

If a Season is currently active, it's highly recommended to make a character on the Season server, since the playerbase will be much more active, and you can start with other new players. Check out Seasons for more information on the differences between the Season and main (Clockworks) server.

Your character name and gender can only be changed with CWT (premium currency), so make sure you pick a name you like and the gender you prefer for your character. The appearance of your character's face and hair can be changed in game for penya (in-game currency).

Once you've decided on everything, click "Ok" and you're in the game! Before you get started killing monsters and leveling up, however, consider checking out the server Discord to connect and socialize with other players, as well as stay up-to-date on any announcements for patches, server downtime, and events.

Once you're in, make sure to click the Buff Pang for some free buffs, and you can be on your way! Feel free to explore the world of Madrigal at your own pace, or check out the Leveling guide if you feel lost. The Achievements system can also give you ideas about what to do next, and what the different systems CW Flyff has to offer.

Also, take some time to acquaint yourself with some of the game's NPCs, especially Gisela and Solarius. And that's it! Welcome to CW Flyff!

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