Harlequin Gear Guide

Harlequin is built much like the other melee classes, focusing on Attack % > ICD > STR.

TIP: If Champion jewels are too expensive, pick up a Marksman set! While the stat effects from the rings and earrings won't help you much, the combined set effect (ICD+15%, Attack+8%) can give you a huge boost in power for a much lower price.

Level 1

While all of these are items you can equip at level 1, many of them will not be feasibly obtainable until level 150+. If you're gearing your first character, please check back as you progress, but don't worry about getting these early on.

  • Pets

  • Jewelry

  • Fashion Sets

    • Fierce Dragon King set from Dragon Set NPC in Northern Flaris for 500 perins

    • Fierce Cash Shop sets also from Dragon Set NPC for 750 CWT

  • Masks

    • Vengeance Mask of the Fierce Dragon King from VP chance box

    • Hero Glasses (STR) from VP chance box

  • Cloaks

    • Dark Devil's Cloak of Fear from CWT mythical ticket or chance boxes

    • Skeleton Devil's Cloak from chance boxes

    • Bandit's Cloak from VP chance box

Level 45

At level 45, you'll be using beginner chip gear from Solarius.

  • Cruiser Set from Solarius in Northern Flaris

  • (Optional) Pulley of Clockworks from Solarius

Level 60

At level 60, you'll be using beginner chip weapons from Solarius.

  • Guardian Yo-Yo from Solarius in Northern Flaris

Level 105

At level 105, all your gear can be found from the Dekane Mines solo dungeon.

Level 120

At level 120 you have some optional choices. Vampire Yo-Yos will give you a big boost in damage, while Bloody Yo-Yos will make you much more durable. Either way, you should pick up a Velox Set.

Level 121-H

If you didn't pick up a Vampire Yo-Yo at 120, you can pick up an Ancient Yo-Yo at Level 121-H. The Mastercraft Viceroy is a good substitute.

Level 130-H

At level 130, you have two sets to pick from. Altered Trickster Curio Set is slightly stronger (3% more attack) and also gives 15% HP, which can be extremely useful for dungeons, but is also typically much more expensive.

Level 150 AR25

All classes at AR25 will pursue their Blessed & Cursed gear.

Level 150 AR50

All classes at AR50 will pursue their Hephaestus weapons.

Level 150 AR75

All classes at AR75 will pursue their Yggdrasil set.

  • Yggdrasil Harlequin set from Reonan

  • (Optional) Luxury Hairband (ATK + 7%) from Challenges

  • (Optional) Yggdrasil Harlequin Mask from Reonan

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