La Christiana A

La Christiana A is an important dungeon in Milestone 1, as the weapons are generally an upgrade for classes at 121-H, rivaled only by the Vampire & Ancient Weapons from Aminus/Cursed Aminus.

The dungeon is typically preferred to Aminus/Cursed Aminus since it's very straightforward to clear. However, due to the density of monsters, it can be difficult to clear without sufficient AoE damage or Dark Illusion.

La Christiana A features a single miniboss located in the 2nd room, and a boss in the 3rd room. If running for Hephaestus Tokens, you should run the dungeon Hard Mode. For soloing or gearing up during Milestones, it's recommended to run it on Easy Mode.

The boss card, [Ultimate] Silverwing Dutchess, is also oftentimes used in PvP and can be quite valuable.

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