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For guides on what equipment to use for each class, see Class Gear Guides.

There are 8 main classes in CW Flyff, typically referred to by their 3rd "job" iterations. They are:

There's no "Bow Jester" class in CW Flyff. Crackshooters are the preferred class for bow, even during the Ranger secondary class. The scaling has been changed and 1v1 Rangers are an extremely powerful class.

Within these 8 classes, they're typically split into three different categories depending on playstyle:


Typically, the only two classes that are used as tanks are Templar and Seraph.

Templars are the preferred tank for higher end content because they can keep monsters on them more reliably (thanks to Tank AI and Deadman's Lure), and they have higher HP scaling than any other class in the game.

Seraphs, on the other hand, boast utility to go along with their tankiness. They can holycross to greatly boost party damage, as well as buff and ressurrect allies. However, they have a harder time holding the attention of bosses, which can cause many runs to be lost due to bad RNG.


The only viable support class in CW Flyff is Seraph.

Seraphs can provide healing support, in addition to holycross (doubling the damage of the next attack), resurrections, and a huge amount of buffs, giving them tremendous support versatility. Seraphs are typically regarded as the most important class when it comes to running dungeons.

Though Seraphs are the only true support class, there are 2 honorable mentions here.

Forcemaster brings addition (important) buffs to the party and can ressurrect, but beyond that their healing capacity is extremely limited, and without holycross, a "support Forcemaster" would give extremely little benefit to a team, since a damage dealing forcemaster can do all the same things except, you know, deal damage.

DDs (Damage Dealers)

Damage dealers are by far the most flexible, since every class has the potential to be a DD. That being said, not every class is equal when it comes to damage output, and specifically, 1v1 Seraphs (knuckle) and 1v1 Templars are typically regarded as two of the weakest single damage classes.

There are a few other distinctions too, for categories of DD:

Physical DD

Slayer, Harlequin, Crackshooter, and Forcemaster are popular physical DDs

Physical DDs typically boast high single target damage and rely on physical attacks, rathern than ability usage.

Magical DD

Mentalist, Arcanist, and Seraph (full INT with stick) are considered magical DDs

Magical DDs all scale off of INT and deal magical damage. There are some dungeons in the game with bosses that are particularly susceptible to magic damage.

AoE (Area of Effect) DD

Mentalist, Arcanist, and Harlequin are all good AoE DDs

AoE DDs excel at killing large groups of enemies at once, making them very powerful at clearing out dungeons with high monster density.

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