World bosses

World bosses spawn in one of several set locations in Madrigal in Channel 4 (Activities). The location of the boss is given as a server-announcement when it is spawned. If you're in Channel 4 and on the same map as the World Boss, you can see its specific location on your map.

In order to claim rewards for world bosses, you must exceed a certain damage threshold on the boss (which is typically very easy to fulfill), and its HP will scale with the number of players who have hit it.

The most common World Boss is the Dragon of Madrigal, oftentimes shortened to DoM.

The primary drops from DoM are angelic bead shards, used for powerful pet beads. DoM can also drop itself as a pet, but this is very rare.

You must be at least Level 121-H to obtain rewards from fighting DoM.

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