Thanks in part due to Tank AI and in part due to having the highest HP scaling per STA in the game, Templars are the best tank in CW Flyff, and the only dedicated tank class.


  • Very tanky even at low investment

  • Best dedicated tank for running dungeons

  • Easy to farm early game with strong base damage on AoE skills

  • Big sword makes you look strong


  • Considered one of the weakest 1v1 classes in the game

  • Being a dedicated tank class means it doesn't bring any additional utility

  • AoE farming speed late game drops off compared to mages



In dungeons, Templars go full STA, taking charge and grabbing all the enemies so that their DDs can AoE them all at once. Their job is to 1. Stay alive 2. Keep enemies off the rest of their party.

During boss fights, Templars typically grab the boss and after that don't attack. They must dodge the boss AoE patterns and keep an eye on their HP, but otherwise their main job is to use Deadman's Lure and Taunt to make sure other party members are free to attack or support as needed.

The reason Templars typically don't attack during boss fights is:

  1. You can get locked into the attack animation if you're not careful, which can cause you to die unnecessarily

  2. Typically dungeon teams have a Seraph using holycross, and the Templars attacks will "eat" the holycross, reducing the team's overall damage


1v1 farming with Templar is very straightforward. Players usually use F-Tool on the "Attack the selected target" Motion so that they can attack enemies with a single click.

When AoE farming with Templar, you'll use Earth Splitter to grab enemies, then use Malestrom Strike (or Power Stomp for Knight) to kill enemies. Some players use F-Tool to automatically use food while farming, while others prefer to get Lifesteal on their weapons by upgrading it to Ultimate+6.

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