Parties & Party Finder


Parties are a staple of any MMO and allow you to team up with other players to tackle challenges, socialize, and reap other benefits. Some of the primary reasons to join a party are for Party Buffs, Seraph/Forcemaster Buffs, and to run dungeons or trials together.

You can use Partyfinder to quickly find a party.

Party Window

  1. EXP Share:

    1. Contribution: players will receive experience based on how much they contribute to each kill (favoring whoever does the most damage)

    2. Level: players will receive experience based on their current level (evenly distributing between players)

The total amount of experience dispersed per kill will be the same, EXP share only changes how it's distributed between nearby party members. If you're leveling solo, the value will be the same (100% of EXP will go to you).

  1. Distribute Item:

    1. Individually: Whoever picks up an item will receive it in their inventory.

    2. Sequentially: Items will be distributed sequentially to nearby party members.

    3. Manually: Items will go to the party leader (if they're nearby).

    4. Randomly: Items will be randomly distributed to nearby party members.

  2. Party Info: You can set detailed information about the party that party members can view.

  1. Dungeon Settings:

    1. All: All party members can open and enter dungeons.

    2. Leader: Only the party leader can open dungeons.

    3. Assistant: The party leader or party assistants can open dungeons.

  2. Partyfinder: This tab provides information about who can join the party, and whether the party will show up in Partyfinder.

  3. Transfer Lead: The party leader can select a party member and use this button to transfer ownership of the party to another character.

  4. Assist: The party leader can select a party member and use this button to make that party member a party assistant.

  5. Leave Party/Kick Member: This button allows you to leave the party. If you're the party leader, you can select a party member and use this to kick that party member.

Party Buffs

  1. Linked Attack (costs 20 points): increases the damage for each party member (max damage when you have 4 party members)

  2. Lucky Drop (costs 5 points): increases the chance of rare drops from enemies

  3. Gift box (costs 8 points): doubles the amount of drops from enemies

  4. Learning Boost (costs 25 points): increases the experience gained for each party member (max EXP boost with 8 party members)

  5. Shield (costs 25 points): give the party leader 5% PVE Damage Reduction

The Shield party skill only affects the party leader, even with the Enhanced Party Skill Range scroll!


Party Finder is a QoL feature to find a party quickly. Press Shift + P (default hotkey) or navigate to Start -> Features -> Partyfinder to open it. From there, you can sort parties by the amount of points they have. You can also filter by whether the party leader has party scrolls and if party skills are currently active by checking the respective boxes.

If you're looking for a specific party, you can filter by your Guild, friends, or search by Party Leader's name.

To join a party, either double click the party you want to join, or click the party and then click "Ok". You can click "Refresh" to refresh the list.

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