Voting and VP

You can vote for CW Flyff on GTOP 100 once per day by using in-game links, through the CW Flyff website, or external tools that send you directly to the vote site.

You can vote once per day.

Every account associated with that your account's email address will also receive a Vote Buff, but only the account you voted on will receive Vote Points (VP).

Vote Points

Voting not only helps CW Flyff, you also receive 100 VP every day you vote! VP can accumulate indefinitely on your account, and is shared between characters on that account. Additionally, VP is usable on both the Season and main (Clockworks) servers!

VP can be exchanged the CW Web Shop (or in-game) for x5 Experience Amplification Scrolls, chance boxes, or an array of cosmetic rewards.

Vote Buff

You'll also receive a Vote Buff depending on the length of your vote streak. At max level (7d streak), you'll receive a +50% Experience Rate bonus, in addition to a +5% Item Drop Rate bonus.

In order to maintain your vote streak, you must vote within 72 hours of your last vote. If you lose your vote streak, you'll lose your Vote Buff and have to start over from a 1 day streak!

Luckily, there are tools like Discord and Panisch's Vote Tracker that can help you stay on top of your voting so you can keep that streak going!

The vote buff you receive for each day you vote is as follows:

  1. Experience +5%

  2. Experience +10%

  3. Experience +15%; Drop Rate +1%

  4. Experience +20%; Drop Rate +2%

  5. Experience +25%; Drop Rate +3%

  6. Experience +30%; Drop Rate +4%

  7. Experience +50%; Drop Rate +5%

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