F-Tool is a powerful QoL tool that can remove some of the monotony of holding down or spamming a single button over and over! To open F-Tool, click the F-Tool tab on the left of your inventory, or navigate to Start -> Features -> F-Tool.

When activated, F-Tool will automatically press one of the buttons on your hotbar at the specified Delay (in milliseconds). For example, with a default delay of 100, F-Tool will press that button every 100 milliseconds. If you want to press a button every 2 seconds, you would set the delay to 2000.

F-Tool is especially helpful for mages and Seraphs in dungeons. You can set up a hotkey to activate a specific F-Tool in Start -> Option and navigating to the Hotkeys tab.

Additionally, F-Tool can be useful for automatically eating food to self-sustain in early game.

Quick F-Tool

In addition to the normal F-Tool, you can also click the icon at the bottom right of the F-Tool menu to open up Quick F-Tool! It uses the same settings you set up in normal F-Tools, but you can double click any of the icons to activate the F-Tool on that slot.

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