Class Gear Guides

Simplified gearing guide:

In general, classes will begin by picking up their level 45 armor set and level 60 weapon from Solarius in Northern Flaris, using beginner chips. You'll then grab armor and a weapon from Dekane mine at level 105.

From there, you can either get gear from Red Meteonyker at level 120, or progress to your level 125/130 armor sets and level 130 weapon.

At some point, you'll want to pick up Savage Wilds jewelry sets, in addition to a Dragon Set from the Dragon merchant in Northern Flaris (for 500 perins).

Finally, you'll get your Blessed/Cursed sets and your Hephaestus Weapon.

Each class has unique gear recommendations based on the playstyles available to that class. For specific gear guides, see the following pages:

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