With the new changes to buffs, any buffs that you can cast on party members (Assist, Ringmaster, Seraph, and Force Master buffs) will automatically spread to party members around your target (you, if you have no characters targeted when you cast them).

All buffs last a little over an hour, to give you a little wiggle room for your amps, powerups, and Anarchy Buffs.

Want to see all the stats you're getting? You can check your total bonuses in the Stat Bonus Display window!

Buff Helper

No more having to manually use 1 buff at a time! Buff Helpers will provide you with all of your personal buffs, in addition to Level 7 Assist buffs for free. Just click the [Clockworks Flyff] Buff Helper NPC and you're ready to go. Buff Helpers can be found in every town, premium area, and dungeon entrance.

In addition to your personal buffs, the Buff Helper will automatically give you any buffs that nearby party members can give you as well. That means if you're running a dungeon with a Seraph and FM, everyone can get their full buffs by clicking the Buff Helper (as long as the Seraph and FM are nearby).

Many parties will have AFK Seraphs and Forcemasters hanging around a Buff Helper. You can typically find them by going to the same channel as the Seraph and Forcemaster, and checking common areas like the Collector Fields or in the towns of Flaris, Darken City, and Eldeon City.

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