Backpack & Extra Bags

Inventory management has never been cleaner with the changes made to the Backpack. You can now pickup items directly into your Backpack, sort the items in your Backpack, and stack Extra Bags up to 365 days! To open your Backpack, press B (default hotkey), or go to Start -> Character -> Backpack.

In order to activate a Bag, drag and drop it onto the Extra Bag icons in your Backpack. Each Bag will increase your backpack inventory by a whopping 48 slots. You can purchase Extra Bags from [Consumables] Gisela.

In addition to having extra space, you can click "Pickup items directly to bag" so that any stackable items will be sent directly to your bag, keeping your inventory clean and organized.

Keep your inventory clear by putting common farming drops (Sunstones, Moonstones, Monster Stones, Reversions, etc.) into your Backpack.

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