Pickup pets (buff pets)

Pickup pets provide a huge QoL benefit by picking up all your items off the ground for you! No more having to click each item one by one. You can acquire a pickup pet either through Achievements, the CWT Web Shop, as a rare drop from bosses, or from the Pet Tamer NPC in Central Flaris.

You can also specify what items you want your pickup pet to grab (or ignore) by using the Petfilter feature (default hotkey: U).

Buff Pet Conversion

Picking up items is only half of what pickup pets have to offer. To unlock their full potential, you can convert your pickup pet into a buff pet using the "Pick-up Pet Upgrade" item from the Pet Tamer.

Doing so will unlock Bead Slots in your pickup pets. To use them, click on your pet and select "Toggle Buff Pet Status", then click the penya icon "Refresh Your Beads".

From there, you can buy individual beads, as well as create Bead Sets, so you can buy all of your beads at once!

In addition to normal beads, you can also buy Angelic Beads, which are substantially more powerful! These beads cost Angelic Bead Shards, obtained from World Bosses, and they also cost Angel Coins.

In addition to the 2 Bead Slots that you get, you can unlock additional Bead Slots for 70 VP each.

For specific bead setups, see Pet Bead Guide.

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