Stoney's Rock Counting Game

You know that horrible rock-counting Captcha, where you have to match up the image with the number? Well, now you can do that in CW FlyFF as well (for reasons I don't understand).

To begin, make your way over to Stoney, an NPC on the Event Continent. You can find him on any channel by teleporting (default hotkey: V) to the Event Continent, and following the path northeast until you reach the desert.

To begin the game, simply speak to Stoney and select the option to 'Start Rock Counting Minigame'. Afterward, Stoney will spawn a certain amount of rocks in the area. You'll have a set amount of time to make your way through the desert, counting as many rocks as you can find.

When you're satisfied, return to Stoney and select 'Enter a Guess' to guess how many rocks there are total. You have 3 attempts per round to guess the correct number.

What's the reward for successfully counting?

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