Monster Cards and Piercings

Piercings allow you to add some more power to your gear, as well as some customization. In order to pierce items, you must use Moonstones (obtained through killing monsters, chance boxes, or various rewards), and Scroll of GProtect (purchasable from Gisela in Flaris).

Both weapons and armor (suit) can be pierced, but the cards used for weapon and armor piercing are different. Once you've pierced an item, you can double click an appropriate card, then click the item to apply the card to the piercing slot.

You can pierce your items, as well as remove pierced cards by visiting BoboChan in Flaris.

Suits can be pierced up to 4 times, while weapons can be pierced up to 10 times. Unlike Monster Piercings, you do benefit from normal piercings in offhand weapons, like shields or a sword/axe (for blade/slayer).

To see specific Upgrade Rates for Piercings, see Details: Upgrading.

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