Damage Statistics & Testing Grounds

Damage Statistics

Damage Statistics will tell show you your party's DPS. To open up Damage Statistics, you can press Shift + D (default hotkey), or go to Start -> Features -> Damage Statistics.

You'll see a window that displays your name, as well as any party members who are attacking, in addition to each character's DPS. This can be valuable to see how you stack up to your teammates, and help you find out what powerups you need to reach damage thresholds.

Damage Statistics are given as: Total Damage (Damage per Second) (Percent Damage Share)

Please do not use Damage Statistics to harass or bully other players. It's okay to not run dungeons with someone because their DPS is low, but it's not okay to grief them over it.

Testing Grounds

Not sure if you have enough damage to tackle a dungeon? You can use the Testing Ground & Damage Statistics to find out!

The Testing Grounds is a special area available in Northern Flaris, through the Testing Grounds Manager NPC. There, you can test your damage against totems that have the same stats as dungeon bosses.

You can combine the Damage Statistics tool with the Testing Grounds to see if your damage is sufficient to clear certain dungeons. Simply bring your party into the Testing Grounds, open up Damage Statistics, and blast away!

You can compare your DPS against the recommended DPS for the dungeon, shown in the teleporter to see how you stack up.

Keep in mind that outside of "Easy Mode" dungeons, bosses will have AoE patterns to dodge! Testing Grounds represents ideal circumstances of being able to stand still and pummel the boss in peace, but in real boss fights your DPS may be much lower from having to dodge, or from dying (because you couldn't dodge).

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