Kalgas Cave

Kalgas Cave is run for level 130 gear, which is the strongest set before Blessed/Cursed gear, and also required in the crafting of Blessed/Cursed gear.

In addition to armor sets, the dungeon also drops rare A-grade weapon cards, and 7% armor cards. The boss card, [Ultimate] Kalgas Card is also a very powerful PvE card, and oftentimes used on a secondary weapon.

The dungeon features 2 totems, guarded by 2 mini-bosses. After all totems and mini-bosses are defeated, 4 additional totems will spawn inside the boss room. Destroying the final 4 totems will spawn the boss.

It's recommended to have 200% speed when clearing Kalgas Cave, due to how incredibly long it takes to run from the entrance to the boss.

The one route clear of Kalgas is very straightforward, starting with the first totem and mini-boss, and moving to the second totem and mini-boss. After the second set, players will have to take a lengthy backtrack to get back to the path that leads to the boss.

Full-clearing Kalgas Cave is generally recommended since most of the enemies can be found along the way, with only minor backtracking in the final triangle path leading up to the boss.

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