Anarchy Buffs are buffs that affect the entire server! You can find them by pressing "L" (default hotkey), or through the Start Menu (Start --> Features --> Anarchy System).

In addition to purchasing buffs through perins, VP, or CWT, you can also receive anarchy buffs from certain chance boxes, or buy them directly from the Web Shop.

Anarchy Buffs have a maximum duration of 4 hours! Be careful using your precious resources to refresh Anarchy Buffs if there's still more than 3 hours left on them.

Currently active Anarchy Buffs will be displayed on the top of your screen, located by your pets, Guild Buff, and Couple Buff. You can hover over each icon to see the bonuses they give.

Anarchy Buffs will continue to tick down while you're offline! Unfortunately, you can't "save" them for later, since they're server-wide.

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