Craft of Hephaestus

The Craft of Hephaestus is a dungeon whose boss has a chance to drop Hephaestus Construction Plans, one of the ingredient required to create Hephaestus Weapons (Star Weapons).

Unlike most other dungeons which consist of one or two maps, the Craft of Hephaestus is comprised of 7 distinctive sub-areas. Players begin in a safe, central spawn location, and then can proceed through teleporters into the main dungeon area.

The main dungeon area has 6 battle sub-areas, each with minions that must be killed in order to spawn the miniboss of the sub-area. There's additional a sub-area that connects sub-areas 3 and 4, where players must precisely jump between small islands to avoid falling into a pit of water with dangerous enemies waiting within.

When the final sub-area has been cleared, the boss of the dungeon, Hephaestus, will spawn.

Battling Hephaestus

Hephaestus is a uniquely challenging boss, and will push your party to its limits. It has incredibly high defenses, can block physical attacks, and periodically spawns waves of dangerous minions around the perimeter of the arena.

Players must carefully navigate the fight and stay in their toes to avoid a party wipe.

A common strategy for dealing with minion waves is for everyone to run to the opposite side of the boss. This way, AoE DDs can easily clear the minions safely, since all the minions will pass through the boss together.

Make sure to clear minions for your tank. Minions can unexpectedly root your tank, making it impossible for them to dodge patterns.

Conquering the Craft of Hephaestus has a chance to drop Hephaestus Constructions Plans, in addition to Hematite-soaked Creation Stones.

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