Snowy Peaks

Snowy Peaks drops Cursed Jewel Plans, used to construct Cursed Jewelry.

The dungeon features 6 totems located in a circle around the boss room. It also features some hidden passageways between the main perimeter path. There is no Easy Mode for this dungeon.

In Snowy Peaks, the boss is resistant against Physical Damage.

Because of how close the boss room is to the entrance of the dungeon, it can sometimes be advantageous to respawn instead of getting ressurrected, if you have buffers inside the dungeon. That way you can full rebuff without potentially getting your seraph or fm killed as they try to ressurrect you.

The one route clear of Snowy Peaks simply runs a counter-clockwise lap around the map, clearing totems along the way. You can alternatively clear the dungeon clockwise, and there's no obvious benefit to one over the other.

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