Seraph is the most versatile class in the game, with the flexibility for two types of single target damage, support utility, and the capacity to tank.


  • With a restat and gear swap, you can change from being a DD to a tank in an instant

  • Holycross, ressurrection, and buffs are all extremely valuable and cost almost no investment

  • Easy to farm at very low investment thanks to Prevention

  • Only true support class in CW Flyff

  • Actually a really good PvP classes due to holycross and fastest attack animation with knuckle

  • If a player is annoying you, you can choose to leave them dead on the ground


  • Not the best at any particular task outside of suporting

  • 1v1 knuckle build Serpah is considered one of the weakest DD setups in the game

  • Funding multiple builds for different situations becomes very expensive



Seraphs have two main playstyles in dungeons, as tanks or supports.

For the tank style, Seraphs play similarly to the Templar dungeon playstyle, with the exception that they'll use Holycross during the boss. Seraphs must additionally pay closer attention to their party members, since it's more likely the boss will switch and kill a DD player. Because of this, Seraph is considered more "efficient" due to the combination of tanking and utility, but much riskier. Oftentimes, runs with Seraph tanks can be ruined due to bad RNG.

For the support style, Seraphs will usually follow the tank and heal them as they gather monsters. During the boss, they can either heal the tank or, in most cases, Holycross the boss (whichever is more valuable to the team). Support Seraphs should go full INT to make best use of Tank AI.


Seraphs uniquely have 4 different farming styles:

  1. Stick AoE Tank:

    You'll use Ruada Balajenda to grab enemies, then use Merkaba Hanzelrusha to kill them. For low investment, players tend to do full STA and use Prevention to keep themselves alive, but as you become stronger (or get Lifesteal from an Ultimate+6 or higher weapon), you can put more of your points into INT to kill enemies faster.

  2. Stick AoE HnR:

    For the HnR (Hit and Run) method, you'll typically go full INT to maximize your damage. You'll use a combination of Ruada Balajenda and Merkaba Hanzelrusha to grab enemies and kill them as you move. The goal of this strategy is to keep moving through the spawn and kill without having to stop.

  3. Stick 1v1:

    The stick 1v1 method utilizes the new single target spell, Tenebris Artes, to kill enemies. Typically players will use F-Tool to spam the skill while clicking on new targets. If you can 1-shot enemies, however, you can use a single cast and switch to the next target immediately, which is faster than using F-Tool.

  4. Knuckle 1v1:

    The knuckle 1v1 method is the simplest, utilizing F-Tool with "Attack the selected target" and clicking on targets. You should aim to kill your enemies in 2-3 hits max.

For all Stick farming methods, it's advised to focus on getting 100% DCT (Decreased Casting Time) before focusing on other stats, since having 100% DCT will dramatically increase your farming speed.

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