Stat Dice

Stat Dice are a system to gain bonus stats, in addition to the stats you gain from leveling! You can unlock dice with Perins, and re-roll them using Re-roll Dice (obtained either through Achievements, chance boxes, Collecting, or CWT) or by paying 30 CWT directly.

Buying Re-roll Dice individually adds up, so players tend to prefer buying the 50 + 10 pack of Re-roll Dice, or crafting them through Collecting.

In addition to normal, red dice (which rolls 2/3/5), each page of your Stat Dice contains one blue die, which takes more resources to unlock (5 Perins) and re-roll (2 Re-roll Dice), but roll 3/4/6 instead. There are a total of 50 Stat Dice (45 normal dice, 5 blue dice).

If you roll perfect dice across all 5 pages of Stat Dice, you'll receive 255 bonus stats.

Stat Dice can become a huge resource-sink! While unlocking your dice initially will give you a boost in stats, it's recommended to save perfecting your dice for late game.

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