Scroll of Party Level Save

A Scroll of Party Level save will not store the ongoing state of a party. You can only use it on an active party (which will disband it immediately), or the most recent disbanded party.

Saving your Party Level

In order to use the Scroll of Party Level Save, you must currently be the party leader, or have been the party leader when the party was disbanded. Simply double click the Scroll of Party Level Save, and click the "Save" button.

Once your party level is saved, you will receive a new item, Scroll of Party Level Restore, which will hold onto your party level and points.

If your party is still active, saving the party level will automatically disband your party!

Restoring your Party Level

To restore your party, you must be the party leader of a party of at least 2 players. Double click your Party Level Restore item, and your party level, in addition to any party points, will be brought into the new party.

You can only use a Party Level Restore scroll once! Doing so will remove the Party Level Restore from your inventory.

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