Mentalists provide high single target damage, high AoE damage, and utility in the form of a debuff. However, their AoE capabilities are typically outshined by their Arcanists counterpart.


  • Versatile magic damage class that's useful even at low investment

  • No element management since only elemental skill is fire (everything else is non-elemental)

  • AoE is very useful in clearing dungeons

  • Fairly competent at PvP

  • They float (no quantitive benefit, but super cool)


  • Typically not as fast as farming as arcanist

  • Slower curve for damage than some other DD classes

  • Very low HP per STA scaling



In dungeons, Mentalists serve a lot of purposes. While clearing, Mentalists will typically follow the tank around and use Psychic Square to clear large group of monsters. Mentalists can try to clear on their own, but due to their extremely low HP per STA, it's very difficult for Mentalists to tank even normal enemies for high end dungeons, even on full STA.

During boss fights, Mentalists will use Spirit Bomb on Action Slot to deal as much damage as possible. When the boss spawns minions, Mentalists can also use Psychic Square to clear the minions without having to switch targets (though the party should decide who will prioritize clearing minions). The final role for Mentalists in boss fights is to debuff the boss using Laughter of La Croix, which significantly reduces damage from the boss. This debuff is especially valuable when clearing Hard Mode dungeons, as it can make enrage much more manageable for the tank.

Unlike other classes, Mentalists don't have to worry about changing the element of their weapon, since they're spellcasters and their spells are non-elemental.

Cimetiere's Scream is the only elemental ability that Mentalists use, which is why you usually see Fire upgrades on wands. However, Scream is a very situational ability and is typically not used in PvE since Spirit Bomb on action slot does better DPS.

Laughter of La Croix is the only Mentalist debuff enabled on CW Flyff. The other debuffs will not work against enemies.


For farming, Mentalists typically farm using AoE with Psychic Square. You can use the ability both to gather and to kill (once they're grouped). At the point that you can 2-shot with Psychic Square, you can just put Psychic Square in F-Tool and try to 2-shot groups of 2+ monsters, rather than "gathering" a bunch.

At low levels, you can play Mentalist with a HnR (Hit and Run) playstyle, but this playstyle is dangerous. For Mentalist HnR, you should go full INT and prioritize your DCT (Decreased Casting Time) and speed above all else.

Farming 1v1 with Mentalist isn't recommended unless you can 1 shot with either Spirit Bomb or Cimetiere's Scream. Scream is typically used only against Wind element enemies, since the ability itself does Fire element damage.

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