Got to take some time away from the computer? Try collecting in your free time!

You can collect in any channel, on any of the Collector Fields. Collector Fields can be teleported to directly from the Teleporter (default hotkey: V).

In order to collect, you must first purchase a collector and a battery. Blue (1 Hour) batteries can be bought with penya, while Copper Batteries are purchased with VP, and Silver and Gold batteries can only be bought with CWT (or earned through chance boxes and Achievements).

Your Collector can be upgraded up to +5 using Moonstones! (No protect scrolls needed). Each upgrade increases the speed at which you collect items. For more information, see Details: Collecting.

After you have your tools, equip your Collector, double click your battery to activate it, step into the Collecting Field (inside the fence gates), and press "Start" on the collecting menu! The menu will show you the level of your Collector, in addition to the power remaining on your battery.

For normal batteries, your battery will stop draining if you stop collecting or log out.

For Copper, Silver, and Gold batteries, you can see the duration of your battery on your consumables buff bar.

And that's it! Once you begin collecting, you'll see a bar fill up above your head. Every time that bar fills up, a new item will automatically drop into your inventory until your battery runs out.

Collecting can provide you with many valuable items such as Re-roll Dice, by trading with the [Collecting Manager] Collins NPC. Check out both the normal Exchange and Sorcerer's Exchange to see all the items collecting has to offer!

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