Details: Parties

Below are many of the changes made to parties:

  • Parties are automatically "Advanced"

  • New Skill "Shield" (PvE damage reduction for the party leader)

  • New Skill "Experienced party" (Increased EXP. Rate for all Party members)

  • Level and Contributon EXP Share options have equalized total EXP given (no more Contribution being the most EXP efficient)

  • Ability to turn on/off penya share on a character basis

  • Ability to turn on/off auto join through the Party Finder

  • Ability to give someone the Party Assist role, making them a second leader (can activate skills and initiate Colosseum, advance stages, etc.)

  • Showing what map players are on

  • Leave Party button changing to a Kick Player button when clicking on someone as the party leader

  • Removing the need for a level 1 leecher for maximum exp gain

  • Considering a player with EXP stop enabled to be level 1 (So you can have a max level character following you for any reason) so they are not a detriment to your EXP gain

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