Royal Rumble

Royal Rumble is a timed free-for-all deathmatch. Players can sign up in Channel 1 by visiting the Royal Rumble NPC in Northern Flaris, or by going to Start -> Features -> Royal Rumble. Unlike other PvP game modes, Royal Rumble can be initiated at any time!

Royal Rumble can only be joined from Channel 1.

3 players must register to begin a Royal Rumble, and in order to participate, your character must be at least Level 60. Once at least 3 players are registered, a countdown will begin, and players will be entered into the Royal Rumble Arena.

Players are given 30 seconds to choose their class for Royal Rumble, an additional period of time to set up their gear and task bar. Once all players have pressed "Ready", a final countdown will begin.

Royal Rumble uses preset gear and items. Feel free to use them however you'd like! Nothing can be taken in or out of Royal Rumble.

In Royal Rumble, players will be spawned into a center arena, where they will participate in free-for-all PvP combat. Combat will continue until the timer runs out.

Players are awarded Marks of Death for completing Royal Rumble, which can be traded with the [Royal Rumble] Lion NPC in Northern Flaris for powerups and skins.

It is against the rules to AFK or "farm" Royal Rumble. Players are expected to do their best to try to win, and are not allowed to team up against others or work together to maximize points.

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