Daily and Weekly Challenges are a fun (optional) system that rewards players for completing certain objectives. These Challenges can be anything from clearing dungeons, to dealing damage, to killing specific monsters, consuming items, or even just... jumping. To see your Challenges, press Shift + C (default hotkey) or go to Start -> Features -> Challenges.

Players with a Scroll of Premium active will also get an additional Daily Challenge each day.

In addition to rewards like powerups and consumables, Challenges also reward you with Challenge Keys, that you can use to buy chance boxes, or fixed rewards like amps or cloaks.

If you have Scroll of Premium active, you can also buy Premium chests, which cost less Challenge Keys and have slightly improved rates for rare items.

One of the most valuable challenge rewards is the Luxury Hairband (ATK + 7%), which is untradeable and only obtainable through Challenges! You can either buy it outright for 200 Challenge Chest Keys, or in rare cases, it can show up as a weekly reward!

Rerolling Challenges

Don't like the hand you're dealt? You can roll each Daily Challenge once for a new objective, in addition to a new reward. Once you've rolled the Challenge, you can't go back.

Additionally, Weekly Challenges can not be rolled.

Make sure to check your Challenges, especially after they reset! If you complete most of a Challenge, you'll be locked in and will no longer be able to re-roll it.

Additionally, you can get locked out of Challenges if you re-roll a Challenge and it becomes "Clear X Dungeon" but you've already used up your dungeon entries for the day! Do not open a Discord ticket if this happens.

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