Savage Wilds

The Savage Wilds is a dungeon primarily completed for Savage Wilds Jewelry sets, which are very powerful when completed, and required to craft Level 150 Jewelry. Additionally, Savage Wilds drops Lusaka's Crystal weapons, in addition to Khan's Sigil (Hard Mode only), both of which are used to craft Hephaestus Tokens.

For many classes, Lusaka's Crystal Weapons can be a significant upgrade to their level 120 weapons, though some are not preferred due to providing less useful stats.

The boss has a rare chance to drop the [Ultimate] Khan Card, which is a very powerful monster card used for magic damage classes.

The dungeon features 4 totem minibosses that must be killed before the boss spawns.

You might need more HP than the recommended amount for Savage Wilds. The boss can double hit, and if both the hits crit, they can deal a massive amount of damage! It's recommended to upgrade your suit to +15 element and use pet beads to maximize your HP and melee block rate.

The single route clear of Savage Wilds is straightforward. You'll start the dungeon by going to the right and taking out the first totem. You'll then double back, passing the entrance, and the second totem will be on the left. The third totem is hidden in the back behind some trees, and the last totem is on the way to the boss.

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