Achievements are a way to get free items just for playing the game! Many of the items that you'll need or want are given through Achievements for reaching certain milestones, or performing certain activities.

For new players, take a look through the "Adventure" section of Achievements. It can help guide you along and teach you many of the systems CW Flyff has to offer, and rewards you with many useful items along the way!

Once you've completed an Achievement, you can either claim that individual Achievement by finding it, or you can click "Claim All" to grab all the rewards at once. You can also click "Hide Completed Achievements" at the top right to see what you haven't done yet.

Certain rewards like Seasonal Tier Rewards are also distributed through Achievements, so make sure to check it out before the Season ends!

Achievements are character-specific, so it won't track across multiple characters on the same account. But that also means you'll get rewards for each new character, even for completing the same Achievements.

Lifetime Statistics

In addition to free goodies and fun challenges, Achievements also track your character's lifetime statistics! To see them, open up the Achievements window, then scroll down to "Lifetime". Here, you'll find stats like the number of monsters you've slain, how many awakenings you've done, and how much penya you've collected.

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