Ankou's Asylum

Ankou's Asylum drops level 130 weapons which are the penultimate weapon for every class. Additionally, the level 130 weapons (as well as Ankou's Sigil from Hard Mode) are used in crafting Hephaestus Tokens.

The dungeon features a maze-like structure, with 5 totems that must be destroyed in order to spawn the boss.

Ankou is one of the most commonly run dungeons, since the weapon drops are valuable at all stages of the game (early on for gear, later for advanced re-roll dust, and finally for tokens). The [Ultimate] Ankou Card is also commonly used by tanks in end-game dungeons, since the DEF+10% and HP+10% is more consistent than the [Ultimate] Red Meteonyker Card.

In the one route clear of this dungeon, it's recommended to not full-clear. Because of the nature of the map, full clearing on a single route will lead to a ton of backtracking and winding turns that can make it very difficult to track which corridors have and haven't been cleared, leading to headaches when you get to the boss with a few enemies missing.

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