Automatic Powerups & Powerup Bag

Powerup Bag

The Powerup Bag is a new QoL feature to help you organize your Powerups and declutter your inventory! Click the Powerup Tab (Upcut Icon) on your inventory to open up your Powerups Bag.

To add powerups into your bag, drag them from your inventory into your bag, or right click them in your inventory while your bag is open.

Automatic Powerups

In addition to the Powerup Bag, you can use the Automatic Powerups feature to automatically refresh your powerups when they run out! Create presets for different situations so you don't have to manually select (and forget) which powerups to use.

To add powerups to your preset, you can drag and drop powerups from your inventory, or click the "+" icon to add powerups directly from your Powerup Bag.

Once you've created your preset, you can drag the icon onto your hotbars to activate and deactivate your powerup sets. When you log out or change servers, your automatic powerups will deactivate automatically.

You can also set your powerups to automatically deactivate after teleporting (Start -> Options -> Advanced -> Stop Auto Powerups on Teleport) if you find yourself forgetting to deactivate them after dungeons.

Deactivating your Automatic Powerups will not immediately remove your current powerups. They will continue to stay active until their respective timers run out.

Wondering exactly how much you're getting from your powerups? You can see all your bonuses stats in the Stat Bonus Display window!

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