Jewel Setting and Creation

Jewel Setting

When a weapon reaches Ultimate+6, it will unlock a Jewel slots. For every subsequent upgrade, it will unlock one additional Jewel slot, resulting in 5 slots at Ultimate+10.

To put Jewels into these slots, visit [Jewel & Dice Manager] Peach and select the "Set/Replace Jewel from Weapon" option, then add in your weapon and materials and press "Start".

Each available Jewel slot will fill, giving you a random primary or secondary stat.

Didn't get the stat you want? Don't worry! You can click whichever line you want to re-roll and press "Start" again to roll it to a new random stat.

Jewel Creation

To create a Jewel, talk to Peach and select "Create Jewels". Add in a weapon between upgrade level +1 and +10 and Peach will show you how many jewels can be created from that weapon.

For more details on Jewels and the number of Jewels you can create from an item, see Details: Jewels.

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