Endless Tower

Similar to The Colosseum, Endless Tower is a weekly-entry PvE activity that consists of multiple stages, with each stage being harder than the last, with increasing Sphere Grid EXP per Stage (up to a cap). In order to register for Endless Tower, you must be at least level 150.

To unlock the Sphere Grid, you must either complete an run of Endless Tower on Easy Mode, or clear floor 15 of Endless Mode.

You can enter Endless Tower by speaking with the [Endless Tower] Haris NPC in Northern Flaris.

Tired of those first stages that hardly give EXP? If your whole party has cleared at least Stage 25, you can start from there instead of Stage 1!


In both Easy Mode and Endless Mode, you will be awarded Endless Crystals, which can be exchanged at the NPC for Super Scrolls using the "Endless Crystal Exchange".

In Endless Mode, you will receive Endless Crystals, in addition to Sphere Grid experience for each stage completed. The amount of experience will increase each stage, up to a cap.

As of Season 5, Guilds can now compete for special Guild Buffs, similar to the Asmodan's Trial buffs, depending on how far they make it through the Endless Tower.

When running in Guild Mode, the stage order will be the same every time in order to ensure fairness for competing guilds.

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