Rangda & Aahan

In addition to normal World Bosses, there are two bosses that can be hunted in Madrigal, Rangda the Forgotten, and Aahan. Unlike other World Bosses, the locations for both of these bosses are not announced. Instead, you must search for them, or come across them by chance.

Each of these bosses drops unique loot, can only be attacked by one player (or party), and their HP will not scale with additional attackers. There's a 10% chance on kill that either of these bosses will reward you with a special buff!

Rangda the Forgotten spawns in Cascada, only on Channel 1, Layer 1. Up to 6 Rangda can be spawned at a time. The location that they spawn is random, which can make them quite challenging for hunting.

However, the rewards are oftentimes quite lucrative. Rangda can drop perin upon being defeated, in addition to Rangda Heartcollections (very useful in leveling Guilds), and Gingerbread.

Freedom Buffs

In addition to monster drops, both Rangda and Aahan have a chance of granting Freedom Buffs to the entire server. When this happens, a server-wide announcement will be made!

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