Forcemaster Gear Guide

Forcemasters has two gear paths, for 1v1 and AoE. Forcemasters almost exclusively play a 1v1 style, emphasizing maximizing STR and ICD (Increased Critical Damage), and the AoE build is currently considered to be one of the weakest AoE classes.

TIP: If Champion jewels are too expensive, pick up a Marksman set! While the stat effects from the rings and earrings won't help you much, the combined set effect (ICD+15%, Attack+8%) can give you a huge boost in power for a much lower price.

Level 1

While all of these are items you can equip at level 1, many of them will not be feasibly obtainable until level 150+. If you're gearing your first character, please check back as you progress, but don't worry about getting these early on.

  • Pets

  • Jewelry

  • Fashion Sets

    • Fierce Dragon King set from Dragon Set NPC in Northern Flaris for 500 perins

    • Fierce Cash Shop sets also from Dragon Set NPC for 750 CWT

  • Masks

    • Vengeance Mask of the Fierce Dragon King from VP chance box

    • Hero Glasses (STR) from VP chance box

  • Cloaks

    • Dark Devil's Cloak of Fear from CWT mythical ticket or chance boxes

    • Skeleton Devil's Cloak from chance boxes

    • Bandit's Cloak from VP chance box

Level 45

At level 45, you'll be using beginner chip gear from Solarius.

  • Wedge Set from Solarius in Northern Flaris

  • (Optional) Fist of Revenge from Solarius

Level 60

At level 60, you'll be using beginner chip weapon from Solarius.

  • Guardian Knuckle from Solarius in Northern Flaris

  • You can use any shield

Level 105

At level 105, 1v1 Forcemasters will get their gear from the Dekane Mines solo dungeon.

  • Legendary Golden Knuckle from Dekane Mines

  • (Optional) Rody Set from Dekane Mines

Level 120

At level 120 you can grab the Grim set for 1v1 if you skipped Rody, or to upgrade from Rody.

Level 130-H

At level 130, 1v1 FMs can also optionally pick up the Roenier set to Equip Switch to for mid-dungeon rebuffing.

Level 150 AR25

All classes at AR25 will pursue their Blessed & Cursed gear.

Level 150 AR50

All classes at AR50 will pursue their Hephaestus weapons.

Level 150 AR75

All classes at AR75 will pursue their Yggdrasil set.

  • Yggdrasil Forcemaster set from Reonan

  • (Optional) Luxury Hairband (ATK + 7%) from Challenges

  • (Optional) Yggdrasil Forcemaster Mask from Reonan

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