Season FAQ

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Why should I play Seasons?

  • If you're a new player, playing on Season means you won't feel like a noob out of place. Everyone will be starting on new characters, so you can gear yourself along with the rest of the community. It's much easier to get started during Season than on the main Clockworks server.

  • For veteran players, Seasons is an opportunity to break away from the repetition of end-game and experience the growth and adventure that FlyFF has to offer. It's a chance to meet new players in an active and bustling economy and community.

Can I trade items from Season to the Main Server?

How long does a Season last for?

  • A season lasts until both the staff and community agree that the season has run its course, typically several months-long. This may vary depending on how the season goes, what kinds of features are implemented during the season, and developer timelines.

Are Seasons and Clockworks on the same client?

  • Yes! And you can still log into the main (Clockworks) server during an active Season. Simply log into your account and select either Clockworks or Season.

What are the features of Seasons?

  • The best way to keep up to date on Season changes is through Discord! The admins are very active and keep players informed on new changes in the Announcements and Patch Notes.

Where do my characters and progress go when a Season ends?

  • At the conclusion of a Season, everything (characters, items, CWT) all get rolled over into the main Clockworks server, no action required. However, if your name overlaps with an existing active character in the main server, you'll have to rename your character.

A Season has just finished. How long until the next Season starts?

  • The short answer is: nobody knows. The best way to stay informed is through Discord. Admins let players know as soon as they have a launch date for the next season.

Can I transfer my Clockwork characters to a Season?

  • No, that would completely destroy the point of Season.

What happens to Clockwork Tokens (CWT) during season?

  • Before a new Season is released, the admins will announce that all CWT purchased will be considered "Seasonal CWT". CWT purchased during and after this period will be available to characters on that account on both the Season and main (Clockworks) server (but it's a shared pool, not duplicated!).

  • After the Season ends, all CWT on an account will be available on the main server.

Will the main (Clockworks) server still have events and receive updates?

  • Yes! If for any reason you don't want to play on the Season server, all the Season changes and events will be available on main during and after the Season. However, Season rewards will not be attainable for characters on the main server.

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