Angel Rank

After level 150, you'll unlock an Angel of your choice! You can pick between a STR, STA, DEX, or INT angel, and as you level your Angel, you'll unlock new Angel Skills, as well as increase the amount of bonus stats your Angel provides you.

Be careful which Angel you select! The only way to change your Angel is with an Angel Change Coupon, which costs 150 CWT. In general, tank characters will pick a STA Angel, while all other characters will pick whichever Angel provides them with their primary damage stat.

A fully upgraded Angel (at Angel Rank 100) will provide you with +150 of the Angel's selected stat. You can see how many stats your Angel currently gives you by hovering over its icon at the top of your screen, next to your pets, powerups, and guild/couple buffs.

For specifics on stats per level, see Details: Angel Rank.

To see the skills your Angel provides, you can click the Angel icon tab on your inventory. Angel skills are unlocked at AR 10, AR 25, AR 50, and AR 75.

There are some additional game features that are restricted by Angel Rank. For example, to challenge Dark Trails, the hardest dungeon in the game, you must be at least Angel Rank 75 or above.

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