Aminus & Cursed Aminus

Aminus & Cursed Aminus feature Vampire and Ancient Weapons, respectively. These weapons are powerful and sought-after at early levels, and Ancient Weapons are additionally used in the crafting of Hephaestus Tokens.

While Cursed Aminus (Hard Mode) is the only dungeon that can drop the materials used for token creation, Aminus is oftentimes still a valuable dungeon to run if you're able to, since the weapons are quite powerful.

The dungeon features 3 mini-bosses, followed by 1 sub-boss, and a final boss.

The monsters in this dungeon do not root, which makes it uniquely easy to clear these dungeons if you're able to survive the damage and have sufficient damage on your team.

In the one route clear of this dungeon, you'll make your way counter-clockwise along the perimeter of the dungeon, clearing the first 2 mini-bosses along the way. In the large chamber, you'll take a quick detour to clear out the third mini-boss, which will spawn Lykanos, the sub-boss.

After killing Lykanos, Drakul will spawn in the main boss chamber.

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