Weapon reroll

Weapons, when dropped or crafted, will roll random stats within a given range. You can press CTRL while hovering or inspecting a weapon to see the stats and ranges for that weapon.

You can visit [Weapon Reroll] Dark in Flaris to re-roll a stat on your weapon by paying Jewels, Re-roll dust, and penya. However, when re-rolling weapons, there's a chance that the value will drop as well, so be careful!

For Hephaestus Weapons that haven't reached their full potential, you roll on the max range of the weapon, not the current value. Many players believe they're "gaming the system" by rolling on a 0 star Hephaestus Weapon, but it's the same as rolling a fully completed Hephaestus Weapon... you just don't benefit from the full stats yet.


To salvage a weapon, click "Salvage Dust" and add a green weapon into the Weapon Salvage menu and click Salvage. Higher level weapons will give more Re-roll dust when salvaged.

Please check both the item you're salvaging in addition to the type of dust you're receiving before salvaging a weapon! The type of dust must match in order to re-roll a weapon.

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