Similar to Eldeon's Castle Raid, Rifts are a server-wide PvE activity with dynamic difficulty. You can see when Rifts are by checking the Server Calendar (Start -> Features -> Server Calendar) or registering for notifications on Discord.

5 minutes before the Rift begins, a server-wide announcement will be made with the location of the Rift. In order to register, go to the location on Channel 4 and click on the Rift Crystal to apply.

Rifts are categorized into three types. In order of least to most difficult, they are:

  • Normal (level 150) --> Strange (level 150) --> Unusual (AR 25)

In each type of Rift, you'll encounter waves of monsters, which will vary based on the Rift type. At the end of each rift will be a unique boss as well. Rifts are designed to be able to be complete even solo, but they're easier when everyone is participating.

In order to balance various character power levels, Rifts use a unique system that hard caps your HP, and soft caps your damage. AoE damage in particular is aggressively soft capped to lower the advantage AoE characters have in clearing out large rooms of enemies.


For successfully completing a rift, all participants will receive a Mythical Stone (used in Glyph Refills), in addition to Banishing Stones (which can be sold for a substantial sum of money at NPCs using "Quick Sell").

Participants will also be put into a Loot Auction that has additional drops to be auctioned, including Mythical Stones, angel coin boxes, pickup pets, and more.

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