FMs (Forcemasters) provide damage, both in their personal DPS and the buffs they bring to the party. The utility they bring in having an extra ressurrection can also be invaluable.


  • Good PvP potential with 1 shot Asal build

  • Ressurrection and buffs provide extremely high utility to dungeon groups

  • Usually underplayed class so gear is relatively cheap

  • Fists are faster than axes


  • Not as strong for duo setups with Seraph since damage per hit is lower (less benefit for Holycross)

  • Doesn't deal as much single target damage as some other classes due to extra utility

  • Creating multiple gear sets for buffing and ressing mid-fight can be a hassle



In dungeons, FMs are 1v1 DDs with additional utility in their buffs and ressurrections. While clearing dungeons, many FMs will opt for full STA builds so they can solo clear areas, but due to lower HP per STA scaling than Slayer, this can be risky.

During boss fights, the primarily job for FMs is to deal as much damage as possible. However, to achieve that goal, they should also ressurrect and rebuff their allies as needed, particularly if their Seraph goes down. The extra ressurrection from FMs can save many runs from disaster.

Many FM players find it valuable to have an additional gearset with 100% DCT (Decreased Casting Time) in order to rebuff during a dungeon. Rebuffing with less than 100% DCT can be very dangerous for FM players, as you can get locked in the animation while an AoE pattern spawns below your feet.


For farming, FM players use F-Tool with "Attack the selected target" and click on their next target to attack. This build uses full STR and prioritizes ICD (Increased Critical Damage) with the goal of killing enemies between 1-3 hits.

There is also an INT AoE build for FM, but it remains unpopular due to poor scaling and range.

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