Crackshooters shoot from far away and uniquely convert excess Critical Chance into Increased Critical Damage. They're frequently considered, along with Slayer, to be one of the highest damage classes in the game.


  • CC -> ICD conversion allows CS to scale ridiculously fast

  • Longest range of any physical damage class in the game

  • Easiest class to get 100% Critical Chance since DEX is main stat

  • Cheapest Savage Wilds jewels since no other classes use DEX jewels

  • High block rate with DEX makes them surprisingly resilient

  • Excellent at farming early to late game

  • Bows are pretty cool


  • CC -> ICD conversion is now capped at 380% (ICD itself is still uncapped)

  • Suffers from very low STA -> HP conversion rate

  • Gameplay is not as engaging

  • Only class that's nerfed in Sunfall Eldeon



In dungeons, Crackshooters will typically fight enemies 1v1 with their incredible range and high 1v1 damage, allowing them to kill monsters before they can even reach the player. Crackshooters also have an AoE option with the ability Condor Dive, though it's not as effective as the Harlequin's Pandemonium ability, or the AoE abilities of mages like Mentalist and Arcanist.

During bosses, Crackshooters maximize their personal DPS by firing safely from a distance, using Dark Illusion to disengage the boss when necessary. Due to their high range and incredible blockrate, Crackshooters are surprisingly resilient.

With the combination of Dark Illusion and Fast Walker, many Crackshooter players are able to clear dungeons extremely quickly by ignoring normal monsters and focusing down minibosses.

While this is a fast strategy, it can be risky and players must find a way to deal with facing the final boss (either bringing a tank over, or tanking with Crackshooter, which is quite expensive due to its low HP scaling).

Be careful using Dark Illusion liberally. When disengaging enemies, it can be unpredictable who the enemies will focus next, so you should coordinate with your tank to make sure enemies don't flood your Seraph or other DDs.


When farming, Crackshooters use their incredible range and high single target damage to kill enemies quickly from a distance.

When you can reliably one-shot enemies as a Crackshooter, you can shoot a single arrow and switch to your next target. This results in Crackshooters being one of the most efficient single target farming classes in the game.

Due to Crackshooters dominating the end-game meta for so long, enemies in Sunfall Eldeon have a chance to block Crackshooter attacks.

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