Sky Forest

Sky Forest drops Blessed Jewel Plans, used to construct Blessed Jewelry.

The dungeon features 6 totems located on various island, connected by bridges. There is no Easy Mode for this dungeon.

In Sky Forest, the boss is resistant against Magical Damage.

Always let the tank enter the boss room first. There's a high chance that the boss will spot you immediately and attack you, so waiting in the boss room can be quite dangerous.

The boss room for Sky Forest is very tight and there are many obstacles to click on. Keep your camera zoomed in slightly to avoid your camera getting stuck behind the forest canopy, and avoiding standing too close to the edges of arena, as invisible walls can be unpredictable.

In the one route clear, you'll start by heading straight to take out the first totem. You'll then backtrack and make your way clockwise around the islands, destroying the second, third, and fourth totems. You'll have to take a short detour for the fifth totem, then backtack for the sixth totem, which will lead you to the boss.

Full-clearing on a single route is fairly easy for Sky Forest, and only requires some slight detouring before the third totem and after the fifth totem.

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