Sphere Grid

Sphere Grids are a late to end-game feature that allows you to further boost your character by participating in Endless Mode of Endless Tower. In order to unlock the Sphere Grid, you must first complete Easy Mode of Endless Tower at least once, or cleared Endless Mode Stage 15.

Completing stages of Endless Mode will give you Sphere Grid Experience, with each stage giving more experience up to a cap. Every time you level, you'll be able to unlock a new Sphere on the Sphere Grid by double clicking an inactive Sphere.

You can only unlock Spheres connected to Sphere you've already unlocked!

To view what stats your Sphere Grid is currently providing, you can click the "?" icon at the top right of the Sphere Grid.

Additionally, you can use the dropdown menu to search for Spheres of a certain type, so you can plan your route through the Sphere Grid.

Empty Spheres

In addition to the normal stat spheres, the Sphere Grid contains 6 Empty Spheres. These Spheres can be filled with Spheres obtained from Dark Trails. In order to add a Sphere to your Sphere Grid, double click the Sphere from your inventory and click the Empty Sphere in your Sphere Grid.

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