Awakening & Angel Awakening

Only rolling minimum numbers on your awakenings? Don't use a virtual (software) keypress to awake! If the game detects that you're using a virtual keypress to awaken an item, you will always roll minimum values!


Awakenings are one of the most important upgrades, used to draw out the hidden power from your items. Raised pets, weapons and non-fashion armor can receive up to 3 lines of awakening, but level 150 weapons and armor can receive up to 5 lines of awakening.

Pickup pets and fashion items (except for wings and mask/glasses) can also receive 1 line of awakening.

For general recommendations on Awakenings, see Awakening Guide.

Scrolls of Superior Awakening, which can be bought with CWT or obtained through Collecting, can be used to raise all awakening lines by one stage (e.g. 7 STR -> 10 STR), but will only work on weapons and non-fashion armor.

Scrolls of Superior Awakening must be used during awakening and cannot be applied afterward.

Awakening for non-fashion items requires reversions, while fashion items and pickup pets use Blessing of the Goddess, obtained through Collecting. Raised pets require Scroll of Pet Reversion (Raised Pets), which can be bought with Clockworks Chips or Colosseum Tokens.

Fashion items can also be awakened using Curse of the Goddess, an item obtainable through completing Dark Trails, which can roll slightly higher values than Blessing of the Goddess.

To awaken an item, you can go to Start -> Features -> Awaken Item, or type "/awake" in chat to open the awakening menu.

Drag your item into the awakening menu, or double click it from your inventory while the awakening menu is open to add it. Then press "Start" to awaken your item!

You can Highlight up to 2 stats, make the stats color coded, summarize your stats (will add together stats of the same kind), and hide non-highlighted stats.

These options are for QoL only, they will not increase or decrease your awakening luck in any kind of way.

Finally, each item has specific stats that can roll on awakenings, as well as specific values. You can see these values by clicking on the "?" next to the item, and selecting which item you're trying to awaken.

Awakening Rollback

Accidentally skip the perfect awakening? You can undo up to the last 3 awakenings you made with a Scroll of Awakening Rollback (purchasable with CWT). From the awakening menu, click "Previous" to bring up the last 3 awakenings made on the item.

Then select the awakening you want and hit "Ok".

Awakenings are not saved when you log out. In order to rollback a skipped awakening, you must do so before logging out. Admins/GMs will not restore your skipped awakenings because there's no history of your awakenings saved anywhere.

Angel Awakening

In addition to normal awakenings, weapons can be blessed (or cursed) by Angel Awakenings! Visit [Angel Shop] Gabriella in any major city to Angel Awaken your item. Unlike normal weapon awakenings, Angel Awakenings are only a single line.

You can get Scroll of Angel Awakening and Scroll of Angel Reversion by selecting Angelic Item Exchange from Gabriella.

Angel Awakenings can roll negative values! Make sure you have enough resources to revert the awakening before Angel Awakening!

Angel Awakenings are considered a late-game to end-game upgrade, and are not recommended early game due to how expensive they are.

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