Raised pets (stat pets)

No more pet feed needed for raised pets! Raised pets (including eggs) will receive experience when you do (even if you have EXP Stop on) and will level automatically. To change the levels of your pets, you can use the Quick Pet Mistake at the Pet Tamer NPC.

Your pets will only receive experience from monsters appropriate to your level, and your pet must be out to gain the experience!

To get a raised pet, either buy an Egg from the Pet Tamer (or get one from Achievements). Double click the Egg to take it out, and go fight some monsters! When it reaches 99.99%, it will hatch into one of the following pets:

  • Tiger (STR)

  • Lion (STA)

  • Rabbit (DEX)

  • Fox (INT)

  • Unicorn (HP)

  • Griffin (EXP)

  • Dragon (ATK)

You can't reroll what kind of pet you hatched, but you can always buy another Egg!

Typically for tanks, Unicorns are more valuable at lower levels, while Lions are oftentimes preferred at level 150, due to better HP per Stamina scaling at higher levels.

You can continue level it all the way from D tier to S tier. A perfect (1/3/5/7/9) S tier Pet can then be converted into an Angelic pet using a Pet Conversion of the Angels from Gabriella.

Converting your pet to an Angelic Pet will reset it to D tier, but now it will be able to reach a perfect level of 2/4/6/8/10! To change an Angelic Pet's levels, you need a Blessing of the Angel Tamer, also tradeable from Gabriella.

For details on exact stats from Raised Pets, see Details: Raised Pets.

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