Glyphs are a time-based item that can give you a huge stat boost in combat. They can be purchased from [Glyph master] Velron, won from Rift Loot Auctions, or purchased from other players.

After equipping a Glyph, it will become soul-linked to your character and no longer be tradeable, but you can have multiple Glyphs soul-linked to a single character (though you can only equip one at a time). Glyph duration is character-bound, so refreshing the duration on your character will allow you to use any Glyphs bound to that character.

You can use the Glyph Crafting option to empower your Glyph, up to Level 6. As you upgrade the Glyph, it will gain a random additional stat at Level 4!

If you have a Level 4-6 Glyph but it has the wrong secondary stat, you can Re-roll the stat using CWT! However, be warned that there's no guarantee what you'll end up with.

Time Refill

In order to use your Glyphs, you must have Glyph Time on your character.

Since Glyph time is character-bound and not Glyph-bound, if you receive a Glyph from another player, it will not transfer the time.

You must use Glyph Time Refill to be able to use a Glyph. This is not a bug.

Glyph Time can be refilled using the Velron's Glyph Time Refill option (stacking up to 28 days). The materials refill 7 days are:

  • 10 Perins, 200 Monster Stones, 25 Angel Dust, 50 Elemental Stones, 5 Mythical Crystals.

Legacy Stone Conversion

If you have legacy Rift Stones (Normal, Strange, Unusual), you can trade them to Velron for the new Mythical Stones through Mythical Rift Stone Exchange.

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