Dark Trails

Dark Trails is a dungeon required to obtain a Froildreath's Sigil, required to unlock the 7th and final star of Hephaestus Weapons. There is no easy mode for Dark Trails.

The dungeon features 3 totems located around the dungeon that must be destroyed in order to spawn Froildreath, the dungeon boss.

The minions in Dark Trails are challenging and should not be taken lightly! Be careful when clearing the dungeon and stay close to your tank.

Battling Froildreath

The boss of Dark Trails is extremely powerful, with a handful of unique mechanics that players must watch out for. It's recommended that all characters (including damage dealers) have over 200k max HP in order to survive periodic AoE bursts from the boss.

  • AoE Attacks

    • The boss will occasionally use an unavoidable, untelegraphed AoE attack that will strike all players within the boss arena. It's recommended that all players in the dungeon have at least 180k HP and Earth element upgrade in their suit in order to survive this attack. Seraphs should rebuff players as needed.

    Even though the boss is Fire element, the AoE is actually considered Electric, so DDs and supports should upgrade their suit with the Earth element for extra resistance.

  • Statues

    • At fixed intervals, the boss will spawn 4 totems located in the corners of the arena which will empower the boss, increasing its resistances. It's recommended to destroy these totems immediately.

  • Minions

    • Minions spawn in the arena before the boss fight even begins, and should be cleared before challenging the boss. The boss will periodically spawn additional minions during the fight in 2 different patterns (one close to the boss, one in a wide ring around the boss). Minions should be cleared as needed with AoE attacks.

  • Floor patterns

    • Like other Hard Mode dungeons, Dark Trails features many patterns players must watch out for including Red (damage), Blue (holycross), and Yellow (stun) patterns.

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