Important NPCs

This is not a list of all the NPCs in CW Flyff! These are just some of the most common NPCs that are asked about.

[Clockworks Flyff] Buff Helper

This little guy is all over Madrigal, and for good reason. The Buff Helper will give you free buffs, no matter where you are. He'll even give you your personal buffs, and available buffs from nearby party members (assist, ringmaster, billposter, seraph, and forcemaster buffs).

Location: (Almost) Everywhere

Flaris NPCs

[Upgrade Specialist] BoBoChan

BoBoChan is where you'll go for all of your basic upgrading needs. Everything from weapon and armor upgrades, to piercings, to elements, to ultimate conversion. If you need to upgrade something, check with BoBoChan first!

Location: Central Flaris, Southwest Corner

[Weapon Re-roll] Dark

It's typically recommended to only Re-roll Behemoth (level 135) or Hephaestus (level 150) weapons, due to how expensive Weapon Re-rolling can be.

Location: Central Flaris, Southwest Corner

[Angel Shop] Gabriella

Gabriella is your one-stop shop for everything "Angel". Angel Upgrade scrolls? She's got it. Angel Change Coupon? Angel Experience Scrolls? Angel Dust? Gabriella's got it all. Basically, if you're looking for any item that has "Angel" in it, check with Gabriella.

Location: Central Flaris, Southeast Corner

[Consumables] Gisela

Gisella is one of the most important NPCs in the whole game. For most consummable items, you'll get it from Gisela. That includes SProtects, GProtects, AProtects, and XProtects, in addition to party scrolls, tickets and some of the most common powerups.

Make sure to familiarize yourself with Gisela's stock, because you'll likely be coming back to her many, many times.

Location: Central Flaris, North Side

[Exchange] Reonan

Reonan handles many of the late-end game item exchanges. You'll be visiting him to get Alternate versions of your Kalgas armor, craft your Blessed/Cursed armor and accessories, as well as your Yggdrasil set.

You won't be visiting him often, but when you do, it's usually important.

This NPC can also exchange a stack of items (9999 for most items) into a cube, which can help with clearing up your inventory.

Location: Central Flaris, Northeast Corner

[Beginner Exchange] Solarius

Solarius is your early-game-savior. In exchange for Beginner Chips, he'll give you armor, weapons, and premium tickets.

Armor and weapon sold by Solarius are limited time items, and will expire! Be careful not to invest too many resources upgrading these items, and keep track of the remaining durations.

Location: Northern Flaris, North Side

[Glyph Master] Velron

Velron is where you'll go to buy, upgrade, and extend Glyphs. You won't see much of him early to mid game, but late game and end game, you'll need to familiarize yourself with his services to push the limits of your character.

Location: Central Flaris, Southeast Corner

[Perin Merchant] Wafor

Location: Northern Flaris, Northeast Corner

Hephaestus' Scholar

The Hephaestus' Scholar NPC has everything related to Hephaestus Weapons. They'll allow you to trade materials for the base weapon, create tokens for your weapons, and use those tokens to Star Upgrade your weapons to their full potential.

Location: Central Flaris, South Side

Eldeon NPCs

[Eldeon's Castle Raid] Gaonan

In order to participate in the Castle Raid, you have to register with Gaonan first! There will be a server announcement for when registration is available (or you can sign up for Discord notifications), so make sure you register, otherwise you'll get left behind!

Location: Eldeon Castle, Center

[Quest Master] Roxer

Roxer is where you'll go to pick up your daily Eldeon Quest, as well as exchange Eldeon Parchments for fashion, mounts, and consumables.

Location: Eldeon City, East Side

[Galleon Captain] Rucas

New to Eldeon? Rucas is the way to get around. Talk to him to teleport quickly from Eldeon City to the docks by either the fields of Eldeon or Eldeon - Sunfall.

Location: Eldeon City, South Docks

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